Increasing Your Home Equity


360 Home + Staging specializes in helping the 55+ demographic update their home to sell quickly so they can enjoy their next journey in life.  Homeowners are walking away from equity in their home.  Empty or outdated homes do sell but at what cost are you willing to let it go for?

Here is our process:

  • Assess the current condition of your home to prepare for market
  • Prepare a budget and discuss with homeowner
  • Prepare a plan and timeline
  • Source/purchase materials at the best value because you are selling your home, not staying.
  • Complete repairs and updates according to plan and budget

Owner, Irene D says:

Don’t let the heels fool you.  I can work the tools to reverse decades of neglect.  My philosophy is to make your home “move-in-ready” because you never know who will buy your home. 

360 Home + Staging takes away any anxiety by managing the project from start to finish, working with only licensed and insured trades.

We help you to be strategic about completing any updates that will not only add value to your home, but prioritizing what will give you the greatest return on investment.  The average home buyer is 32 years old and has little time and is less inclined to renovate a property after they move in.  Our team is experienced in repairing, renewing and rejuvenating homes to maximize the equity for the current homeowner and creating a beautiful space for the new occupant.  Our goal is to make your home appeal to a larger market.

Our past clients have received results of 400%-600% return on their investment.  

360 Home + Staging can help you with all stages of your move to a new location.

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Move Management + Transitioning

Moving ranks as one of the top 3 stresses in life.  Downsizing is more than a move, it is a life transition.  We transition from acquiring belongings for many years, to the disposition of those very belongings.  It is an opportunity to remember, reflect and revisit old memories.  Our memories are within us, not within our things.

Real Estate Staging

It takes an average buyer 3-6 minutes to go through your home.  Let’s make every second count!  Houses that are cluttered or tired-looking not only take longer to sell but often fail to get maximum price.

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