In this blog I will explain who the top 7 professionals are that all seniors should be consulting with when selling their home. From my experience, selling a home is never an easy task and with many questions to ask, it’s best left to a team of people to answer those questions.

How much will it cost? A question I get asked all the time when clients are inquiring about downsizing, home updates or real estate staging. While it may seem like an obvious question to answer, it never is. There are many reasons why a firm price cannot be given, especially without details, without pictures and without a site visit. Nobody should answer that question without having the proper knowledge and expertise in that field. What that means is that you should seek advice from the professional that will be completing the work for you.

When a client is downsizing or inquiring about home staging, many details need to be discussed and without an in-home consultation, it is near impossible to provide a quote.

When discussing home repairs and updates, it is usually during the Home Staging Consultation that I provide a budget price, as the client is a Senior and perhaps not comfortable in contacting the tradespeople. However, because you cannot see what is behind walls or underneath, I advise them of the unknowns that are involved, especially when updating an older home.

Here is a scenario I encountered with a client who was preparing his home for market.  He wanted to replace his single bathroom vanity with an in-stock “clearance” open vanity with double sinks. Sounds simple enough, right? So let’s think about this for a minute. I advised the client of the situation that he may come across when removing the original vanity and to be prepared. When the original floor was installed, the company may not have installed the floor underneath the vanity, therefore choosing an open vanity may not be the best choice.

I advised my client of the items to consider before we remove the vanity. Do we need fillers? Will the light fixture line up in the center of the two sinks? If not, will the existing light fixture need to be moved or do we add another light? Does the drywall need to be completed inside the vanity to allow for extra plumbing work by adding that second faucet? Is there backsplash that needs to be addressed?

So, yes “You can get a cheap vanity for $800.00 at a local home improvement store”, but you may have to complete other tasks in getting that vanity installed. Clients purchase economical items without realizing that there may be much labour involved and “unknowns”. I always advise my clients to call in the proper trades (there is a reason why they need an average of 5 years for their Red Seal) and only they can advise you on what needs to be done.

Because of my construction background, I am able to address my client’s needs and any concerns with confidence. The trades can also order the products you need through their wholesaler. They may charge you the same for the material, but they are saving you the time in picking up that product so you don’t risk damaging it but you also receive a warranty. When you purchase your own products, you forego that warranty through the installer. If you purchase the product yourself and it is doesn’t fit or parts are missing, you are now on the hook for the service call. It may actually end up costing you more by purchasing the material yourself and hiring somebody to do the labour only.

I always recommend that my clients consult with the proper professionals. If you do not, you may find yourself in a situation where you will be paying unexpected costs. That two-minute phone call might save you thousands of dollars.This applies to everything from unexpected legal costs to buyers chipping away at your equity from something uncovered through a home inspection.

While completing my CRTS™ designation for Seniors, I learned that it is in my client’s best interest to heed the advice of an entire network of professionals who can bring their knowledge and expertise to my client when they are moving.

Here are my top 7 professionals that Seniors should be utilizing when selling their home:
1. A Real estate lawyer is a person that knows the rules and regulations related to real estate transactions, helps their clients understand contracts and other legal documents.
2. A Certified Transition Specialist eases the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults.
3. A Realtor® is a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land
4. A Certified Home Staging Professional is a person whose job is to prepare properties for sale in such a way as to enhance their attractiveness to potential buyers.
5. A Tradesperson is a skilled manual worker who specializes in a particular trade or craft.
6. An Appraiser has the knowledge and expertise necessary to estimate the value, worth, significance, or status of valuables.
7. A Home Inspector gives an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.

My clients are not only given access to a trusted network of professionals but highly recommended and encouraged for the transition to run smoothly. Because if problems arise, the onus will be on the homeowner if you did not seek advice from the professional who is specialized in what they do. You are paying for the services anyway, so why not get the most value?

And the answer was no, there was no tile underneath the vanity we removed. Because my client needed to prepare the home promptly, I sourced out a different vanity that covered the existing bare floor and some minor details needed to be addressed.
Being a problem solver, I am always looking for the most economical solution for the client. I am constantly reminding the client that they are selling, not staying.

Which of these 7 professionals do you normally use? What other professionals can you add to this list?

If you are preparing to downsize, allow 360 Home + Staging to assist you in the transition and guide you through the process with a team of professionals supporting you.  Contact us today for a Free Downsizing Consultation.