Staging a Home for Quick Sale

Before you call in your real estate agent, and home staging professional, here is our best advice for getting started.  Why not use our DIY tips for staging your home for a quick sale.


This is a great time to get the whole family involved.  Empty out all the closets in your house systematically.  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, or are old and shoes that are no longer useful.  The top shelf of your closets should be neatly stacked with boxes or completely empty.  Your closets will look a lot bigger if they aren’t stuffed to the max.  Out of season clothes can always be packed in bins and stored in either a basement, garage or storage unit.

Depersonalize Your Space

Put away all personal photographs.  Your buyers are trying to imagine themselves in your space and your treasured family pictures make it hard for them to get past you living in the space.

Clear off all the Surfaces

Neat spaces look larger and that includes your kitchen counters.  A coffee maker, toaster, blender, and mixer all are appliances you use, but visually, are not helping show off your counter space.  Clear all these small appliances from view by storing them under the counter.

Organize your Kitchen Cupboards

Getting your house ready to sell is a great opportunity to get rid of all those mismatched dishes and kitchen utensils and clean your cupboards to show pride in home ownership.  If you have a pantry in your kitchen, neatly organize the shelves to show off how much space you have in this area.  This really appeals to families looking for big storage spaces.

Keep your Dirty Laundry Out of Sight

Seeing a family’s dirty laundry scattered on bedroom floors or pooled around the laundry tub or washing machine doesn’t help buyers feel comfortable in your house.  It’s time to get used to putting everything away and stored where it should be stored!

Does your House Need Quick Fixes?

Perhaps you have a leaky faucet, outside taps that are leaking, noisy fans, mismatched light bulbs, cracks that need fixing, a driveway that needs sealing or landscaping that needs thinning out, trimming or removal of dead flowers.  This is a good time to make a list of these small repairs and tackle them one at a time.

Give Your House a Good Spring Clean

Now is the time to work through all those cleaning chores that somehow get pushed to the back burner.  The fingermarks around the door handles, the scuff marks on the walls, the scruffy scum marks on shower door all are easy jobs to work through before you call in your real estate agent.

Once you have all your DIY tasks done, now you can call in the experts to get their professional opinion on staging a home for quick sale.

At 360 home+staging we take care of all your needs with our full circle services-downsizing, home repairs + updates and home staging.  We understand just like every home is different, every client’s needs are different.

If your home is in the Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas and Oakville area or surrounding areas, we are only too happy to connect with you to see how we can help you stage your home and maximize your home equity. Staging a home for quick sale is what we do!  Read our six tips for updating a house to sell before you put your house on the market.